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Onsite and Remote Support Only


Welcome to South Davidson Technologies. We are your Technology Source for Davidson County and the surrounding areas.

We are currently offering Business support Onsite and Remote Access for our existing customers. Please email us at renglish@sdtechnc.com for support or call (336) 859-2027 and leave a message and we will return your call. 

Please contact us for professional, friendly, and local technology support. With over 20 years experience, we can provide the professional, yet friendly and trusted support that is just hard to find with the huge computer "support" squads that you see other places, and by being local and having low overhead, we can provide that support at a much more cost effective rate than anyone around.

We specialize in taking care of the small business sector. We understand the importance of quick response and critical functions of the small business and as a small business ourselves, we understand the major effect the lack of this service can hurt and cut into your profits. We also know these small businesses cannot afford the luxury of a full time IT tech so that is where we fill the gap. We can know your system like your own IT tech but at a much lower cost to you.

We service all brands and types of computers. We also sell a full line of Dell Desktop and Laptop computers. We know every part in a system is critical and only sell high quality systems not found in stores.

We also sell all the latest in Laptops and Netbooks. With our purchasing power, we can provide you with all the latest laptops/netbooks at competitive prices, better performance, and local service. With our experience, we save you money by getting only the options you do need and not paying for all the options you don't need.

We are currently operating Onsite and Remote Access for our existing customers. For support, please contact us by email at renglish@sdtechnc.com or call (336) 859-2027 and leave a message.